At Home With COVID-19: Tips to Make Life Better and To Get Financial Assistance

We hope all is well for you and your loved ones in these trying times.  

While the pandemic has upended almost everyone’s life, our hearts go out to those suffering the effects of COVID-19. If you’re fortunate to be still in business during all of this, let us know if we can help or if you need anything. Our stock is somewhat limited, but we are happy to serve you at

But keep in mind that you’re not stuck at home - you’re safe at home! This is an unwanted recess from our busy lives for many of us. But there are many things you can do to stay safe and maintain your quality of life. Reflect on what is important to you. Find ways to use the time at home to bond with loved ones, sharpen your skills, and reimagine a new life you may have dreamt!

With that in mind, we’d like to share a bit of information and tips to handle these trying times.

First off, please stay home and be safe. Stop the spread of this virus!

Check on your neighbors, especially the elderly. If someone is lonely or scared, let them know you are there. (Remembering to stay at least six feet away!) Check if they need anything before you order from or go to the market and disinfect everything. Not everyone handles the stress the same. Be patient and kind.

Create crafts, paint, knit, write, or try a new recipe. Get inspired on There is so much you can learn. 

Spring Clean, reorganize, fill donation bags. Look around your house and see what needs to be fixed. Rearrange your furniture.

Create a vision Dream Board. Make-a-Memory-Book or create a Family Book. Look forward to the good times and things you want to do in the future.

Exercise and stay healthy. Sing. Play music. has many free classes.

Call loved ones and old friends. Look forward to good times when the pandemic finally passes.

Ask for forgiveness, if needed. It is a good time to heal old wounds.

Take a free class and upgrade your skills in Adobe, software development, business, web development, design, and more at If you have a Los Angeles Library card, Lynda is free! will help you get a computer skills certificate that could lead to a great job. If you are interested in learning computer science, visit  There are learning modules starting K5 to adults. It is free too!

Need to help your children with school work? is free with daily schedules for kids 2-18 to keep them learning. Interested in reading to or with your young child? Look at the digital library at for a 30-day free trial.

Travel virtually in the safety of your own home with 20 Amazing Places You Can Visit Without Leaving Home. Learn to speak in foreign lands and learn a new language with Mango 70 Languages. It’s free through thousands of public libraries, schools, and other organizations.

Getting Financial Assistance and Info on COVID-19

Many Americans are suddenly not working and are not eligible for sick leave or vacation time. But there is a myriad of government programs that our tax dollars fund can help us through this.

Learn about programs the government can help you. 

Unemployment Insurance is available through the individual states: In California, it’s

Putting food on the table is also a challenge when there’s no income. All states have food stamp programs; in California, it’s

Where To Get Financial Assistance, Food And More LAist

For the millions of small businesses that have been affected, the Small Business Association is creating low-interest loans to help us survive. Try

For updates on the COVID-19, see COVID-19 Updates (California) and (national).

Many supermarkets deliver or have special shopping times for seniors and the disabled. Call yours to check.

This is the greatest crisis that most of us have ever faced, with dire predictions of the next several weeks. But despite that, we remain optimistic and very grateful when we look to our new heroes: the doctors, nurses, first responders, and essential workers who continually put our lives ahead of their own.  

Keep in mind that when our ancestors went through their pandemic 102 years ago, there was no Netflix, internet, or TV. Many didn’t even have a telephone or electricity. So, we can be grateful to live in the 21st Century. We will all get through this together safely if we simply stay home.  

Warm Regards,

John Trausch and Ginette Rondeau 

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